1. WAHAG STUDIO: BOH copied by MAD Architects


    WAHAG STUDIO project (Busan Opera house) mimicked in china by MAD Architects !!!

    WAHAG STUDIO started the project (BOH) as a competition entry in south korea in late 2010, WS decided to share it in early 2011 and started publishing it on the official website and on other design news blogs and website like designboom and Archidaily and others big publishers, beside that some other small blogs internationally has start publishing it

    MAD Architects started publishing their copied project (pingtan art museum) for media on July 2013, with same form, concept and even the same perspectives angles. as published on media “it will be china’s largest private collection and when opened will exhibit over 1,000 pieces of national treasures. in addition to functioning as an important cultural institution, its location on the small fisherman’s island of pingtan is expected to facilitate the communication of art between taiwan and china.” !!!!

    Imitation might be a form of flattery, but when it comes to professional studios there’s nothing pleasant about the experience. If someone rips off your design and makes money from it, that’s a direct hit to your own bottom line. 

    you can notice that from the following images
    (right) BOH by wahag studio proposal
    (left) pingtan art museum by Mad Architects





    WAHAG STUDIO project (BOH)
    published on early 2011
    designboom | ArchDaily | Earth Techling 

    MAD Architects project (pingtan art museum)
    published on July 2013
    designboom | Dezeen | Evolo

  2. "Farm To Table" Competition

    Our design in the “Farm To Table” Competition has been chosen in the first stage and to win it must path the second stage which is the public voting … 
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  3. ADWEEK | North Star Tec

    We are happy to announce that our project “NORTH STAR TEC” just Featured on ADWEEK Front Page | http://talent.adweek.com/

    "NORTH STAR TEC" is a Brand identity concept for space technology company.

    you can check it on 

    ADWEEK | http://bit.ly/Pqd0YL

    WAHAG STUDIO | http://bit.ly/Pqd1vK

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    (Source: talent.adweek.com)

  4. WAHAG STUDIO | project Update

    Our branding self-project “WAHAG STUDIO” is updated to improve our identity.

    now will find some new applications and timeline evolution for the logo identity 

    Full project  |  http://bit.ly/O27UlZ

    (Source: wahagstudio.com)

  5. Busan Competition | Best In Architecture Compete

    An article mentioned “WAHAG STUDIO” proposal as one of the best designs In Busan Opera House Competition. | you can check the article Here

    Busan Opera House Competition | Best In Architecture Compete

    It is always an awe-filled experience when international design competitions commence. They have traditionally been the catalyst for some of the world’s most incredible architecture and design feats; the competitive element pushing world renown designs to new heights.

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  6. Green Building Concept A Vertical Curiosity

    Susan DeFreitas | featured WAHAG STUDIO conceptual proposal “Trio tower” on “Earth Techling” website - you can check the article Here

    Green Building Concept A Vertical Curiosity

    Could a green island in the middle of Cairo that’s been developed in recent years be preserved as an ecological zone with — more development? It may sound unlikely, but the El Warrak Cairo Trio Tower concept by Mans-Our Studio, WHM Design, Wahag Studio and designer Mohamed Sarha is nothing if not ambitious.

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  7. Brooj Alomran | 2nd place

    We are happy to announce that WAHAG STUDIO win the second place in “Brooj Alomran” logo competition

    Full Project  |  http://bit.ly/Q6U0CD

    (Source: wahagstudio.com)

  8. Achdaily | Busan Opera House Competition Entry

    Archdaily | featured WAHAG submission in “Busan Opera House” Competition.

    you can check the article Here  |  Full project Here

    Busan Opera House Competition Entry / WAHAG Studio

    WAHAG Studio shared with us their competition entry in the international ideas competition to establish a design for the Busan Opera House, which is expected to begin construction in 2014. The opera house will include a variety of facilities that will foster a wide range of artistic activities all the while being accessible to the city’s citizens. The grand scale of this project will be suitable for Busan’s status as an international city. More images and architects’ description after the break.

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  9. designboom : busan opera house

    designboom | featured WAHAG submission in “Busan Opera House” Competition.

    you can check the article Here  |  Full project Here

    wahag studio: busan opera house

    wahag studio (mohamed mansour hamed, wael hussein mahmoud) has shared with us their entry into the open international competition for the design of ‘busan opera house’, a new cultural facility in busan, south korea. featuring an oscillating roof line.

    the design consists of three ‘peaks’ - the opera house, multipurpose hall, cafe & library zone - that are connected by a form that references the surrounding mountain landscape. 

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  10. ADWEEK | UGM

    We are happy to announce that our project “UUGM” just Featured on ADWEEK Front Page | http://talent.adweek.com/

    The Maribor Art Gallery (Umetnostna galerija Maribor - UGM) is the central museum-gallery institution for visual art in north-eastern Slovenia and it is the second largestinstitution of its kind in Slovenia.

    you can check it on 

    ADWEEK | http://bit.ly/O2bufJ

    WAHAG STUDIO | http://bit.ly/O2bT1K

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